€ 44,95
Littekencrème 100ml
Scarcream SPF30 40ml
€ 34,95
Littekencrème SPF30 40ml
2x Scar cream 100 ml
€ 75,00
2x Littekencrème 100ml
Scar cream 40 ml & Scarcream SPF30
€ 54,00
Littekencrème 40ml & Littekencreme SPF30

STAUDT scarcream

STAUDT scar cream has been developed by plastic surgeons from the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk.

In the search for an effective scar cream, components/ingredients have been combined that have produced good results in many years of experience with scar complaints. This cream is based on a broad range of known components/ingredients, such as vitamin E, calendula and less-known components/ingredients. The antibacterial effect of honey allows for undisturbed scar healing. A special silicone layer keeps the active substances under a wafer-thin layer for still better efficacy.

By purchasing this cream you support research on burncare.

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Very good experience with Staudt Scarcream. After using it for 6 months my scars have almost fully dissapeared. I would like to recommend this cream to everyone.Thea van Woerden
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